Model+model ReDeform for 3ds Max 2015 – 2023


ReDeform is a unique 3ds Max plugin for dynamic resizing and rescaling objects in real world units.

Model+Model has released ReDeform, a new modifier plugin for 3DS Max that allows the user to resize objects in world units with several options to freeze the deformation of specified areas to retain proportions. This approach makes it possible to quickly make resizeable parametric models from any source mesh, but according to the developers it is particularly suited to furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, shelves, tables and more.

Model+model ReDeform
Model+model ReDeform


  • To identify areas whose proportions should be preserved, ReDeform requires the user to position X, Y and Z plane sub-objects. The scale operation takes place between the first vertices the plugin finds on either side of this plane. For more flexibility, the plane can be expanded to a rectangle to freeze the area that is enclosed. 
  • Other features include the ability to position the pivot from which the scale operation takes place and rescale the object visually using a control cage (similar to a 2 x 2 x 2 FFD modifier). It is also possible to offset the boundaries a specified distance from the bounding box which could make using multiple ReDeform objects together – for example, a window frame and a sash – much easier. 
  • Finally, in order to prevent UVW maps from becoming deformed when scaled, there’s a Preserve UVWs option. 
  • ReDeform costs $20 for a perpetual license and a 15 day demo is available. A free Network version is available for installation on Render Farms. Find out more on Model+Model’s website


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