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Fusion is a new 3ds Max plugin for parametric modeling of repetitive geometries of varying complexity.

With Fusion, you can effortlessly create and modify such objects as stucco mouldings, fences, bridges, etc. Almost any geometry can be distributed along a path and/or fused together to create an intricate continuous stucco moulding or any other complex object.

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When the work is done, save your model blanks in the library so you can reuse them later in other projects.

The plugin will make it very easy for you to control the size and count of your objects, the distance between them, and the way they are distributed.

Also, you can animate most parameters and thus add life to the process of building objects.

Fusion is a handy plugin with a simple interface, designed to simplify the process of building complex models by using parametric modeling, making your designs more versatile and giving you the opportunity to enjoy the creative process more.


  • Fusion version 0.9.218
  • January 14, 2023
  • Extremely speeds-up of generation a model
  • Fixes a bug with crashing on some complex models
  • Fixes some issues and bugs
  • Fusion version 0.8.178
  • October 20, 2022
  • New Distribution types – Link to, Fit to, Stretch to
  • Ability to Link, Stretch and Distribute between Corners, Vertices ( All, Selected, or Selection Set), and Objects
  • Ability to specify the type of Corners to link – All, Start/End, Inner and Outer
  • Customers can specify what kind of pivot use to anchor – Object Pivot Point, Object Center Pivot, and smart anchor point detection – Object Pivot Alignment
  • Explicit indication of switching between Fusion/Clone modes
  • Ability to specify Distance and Object Size for Fusion
  • New option to set object size – “Use object size”
  • Ability to specify a negative offset from Corners, Vertices, Objects
  • Colorizing objects in the list depending on own and parent wire-colors
  • New outline function for offsetting objects
  • Auto/manual check for updates
  • The full version shipped with the Curlipse plugin ( creating shape objects like open flat or 3D elliptical/circular helixes or N-gon shapes)
  • Changes limitations for the Demo version
  • Demo version limitation – disable conversation to edit mesh/poly/proxy
  • Demo version limitation – objects, saved with the demo version is not rendered. These objects should be resaved in the full version to render
  • Fixes a bug with redo/undo removing objects
  • Fixes bugs that caused 3Ds Max to crash
  • Fixes an issue with interactive rendering
  • Fixes an issue with generating Fusion material in the mode “From nodes”
  • Fixes bugs with memory leaks
  • Fusion version
  • May 4, 2022
  • Adds a new distribution mode to stretch a geometry between corners in a clone mode
  • Some changes for Demo-version
  • Fixes an issue with distribution along a spline with “smooth” vertices
  • Fixes an issue with offsets
  • Fixes an issue with generating Mapping Coordinates
  • Fixes an issue with generating Fusion material in the mode “From nodes”
  • Fixes a bug with crashing 3ds Max on saving a Demo-version
  • Fixes an issue with auto-updating Fusion on removing/adding spline segments


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