UV Tools for 3ds Max


Easy to use Unwrap tools for Archviz, Gamedev and more.

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  • [3.2m] – 2023.04
  • New. 3ds Max 2024 support.
  • New. Pack Unfold3D method (3ds Max 2022+).
  • New. Set Texel Density as Group mode (Ctrl+Click).
  • Fix. Pack padding unwrap bug. The same padding value led to different results.
  • Fix. Stack and Group error.
  • Fix. Tweak and Align macroses startup error in 3ds Max 2023.
  • Fix. Errors caused by .tx files.
  • Fix. Checker errors caused by Corona Lights.
  • New. Multi-Tile (UDIM) tools.
  • New. Auto dialog height option can be disabled to resize dialog manually.
  • New. Relax whole elements is now optional (Ctrl+Click).
  • New. Relax Until Flat (Shift+Click).
  • New. Planar Mapping “Ignore object scale” option.
  • New. Fix W for area calculation can be disabled in Settings – Mapping.
  • New. Taking object scale into account for area calculations. Can be disabled in Settings – Mapping.
  • New. Hold Esc while pressing UVt button on the toolbar to reset UI position.
  • Improved. Texel Density tools now uses average resolution for non-square bitmaps.
  • Improved. Fit UV button functions rearranged.
  • Improved. UV Tools can be installed on multiple 3dsMax versions in common userscripts folder.
  • Improved. Hide tabs when all rollouts in the Main tab.
  • Improved. Settings window now remembers last category.
  • Fix. UV Morpher Cut error when using meters system units.
  • Fix. Checker Assign. Error if bitmap was empty.
  • Fix. Checker Remove. Internal unwrap maps list cleaning.


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