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(Update v1.21 for 3ds Max 2018-2024)


A2Dimage is a scripted 3ds Max plug-in for adding simple 2D images with alpha channel to your 3ds Max scene. Script reads the height of the image from the end of the file name and on render generates automatically shadows based on alpha channel of the image. With this script you can render fast previews and final images with correct shadows with one render without compositing all individual elements later.

Anh 58
Anh 58


  • Create ATiles object with one click from roof plane, geometry or spline.
  • Cache mesh for speed. Store inside ATiles object generated geometry for viewport and render.
  • Re-create mode. Rebuild objects without losing material or connection to other objects.
  • More advanced tools – Volume, Path(beta) and Surface(beta) tools.
  • Random transformations of the tiles – Rotate, Move and Scale.


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